Olive Oil

Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen

Cortijo El Olivar

The Bag in Box is a box with a dispenser and a bag with anti-oxygen barriers that contains the oil in a vacuum, protecting it from its two great enemies, light and air.
The oil packaged in Bag in Box, even after opening, avoids contact of the product with oxygen, it is always in a vacuum, thus avoiding alteration of color, flavor and aroma, and reducing the lost of vitamins and tocopherols, preserving their intact natural and beneficial properties.


    Frantoio, Nevadillo and Arauco Blend.

  • FROM :

    Barrancas, Maipú.

Golden color with green hues. It presents a fresh and very intense olive fruitiness. Aromas reminiscent of freshly cut herbs, artichoke, tomato and apple leaves. In the mouth it presents a medium olive fruitiness mixed with notes of apple, banana and green almond. Mild bitterness and medium spiciness. It has a pleasant and long-lasting persistence. It feels complex, elegant and very harmonious.

The grinding is done within 24 hours of harvesting the olives. Selection and defoliation by air current. Elaboration in a 2-phase decanter. Subsequent decanting and filtering.

PAIRING Ideal for dressings and topping on food. Also as a basic topping for bread, and in sauces for pasta, risottos, pizzas and bruschettas.
ACIDITY Less than 0,3.
OLIVES HARVEST Early May. Veraison.
HARVEST Manual 20kg boxes.
STORAGE CONDITIONS Between 14-18 ° C, preferably in a dark place. Below 12 ° C it may present a slight cloudiness that will disappear completely as soon as the temperature rises and does not affect its quality at all.
BEST BEFORE DATE 2 years from its elaboration.
PRESENTATION Case 4 x 3.000 ml.
Case 6 x 500 ml.
Case 12 x 250 ml.